Rule Reduction Training Follow-up Webinar

05/16/2013 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

During the months of March and April, MCADSV provided training to the Florida Certified Domestic Violence Centers on their curriculum ""How the Earth didn't Fly into the Sun."" The follow up webinars are designed to provide Certified Domestic Violence Center advocates the opportunity to work directly with local Missouri programs who have implemented this project.

Agenda for the webinars include: History of Missouri Project, why programs decided to participate, challenges through the initial phases of the project, issues/challenges of day-to-day advocacy in a shelter and communal living,and on-going challenges with sustainability.

All Florida Certified Domestic Violence Center staff are encouraged to attend. If you did not attend one of the trainings held during March or April, please be sure to review the curriculum prior to joining the call:

Workbooks from the training are available for Certified Domestic Violence Center advocates. Please contact Jodi Russell at in order to receive training materials.