Webinar: LGBTQI Immigrant Survivors: Access to Protections

04/27/2017 - 10:30am to 12:00pm

LGBTQI immigrant survivors of violent crimes are amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable members of society. This webinar, featuring VIDA Legal Assistance, will discuss existing barriers to justice and best practices when working with LGBTQI immigrant survivors. 

VIDA Legal Assistance represents immigrant survivors of violent crimes, particularly domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, and trafficking in persons. VIDA envisions an end to the cycle of violence or exploitation; where survivors are able to exercise their rights to be safe, recover, obtain stability; and use their voice to strengthen the movement against violence; and where they encounter effective systems helping them in this process. Using a client-centered, care-coordinated model, VIDA works with marginalized and vulnerable populations to end the cycle of violence and exploitation.  In addition to providing immigration legal representation, VIDA partners with community organizations to provide further advocacy, referrals, care coordination, emergency relief funding and other legal services which fully support survivors and encourage self-sufficiency.

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